Saving Water can make a sale greener

How saving water and using green practices make a sale that much greener.
In the Midwest, we view water, if we think of it at all, as a given. Turn on the tap, it rushes out. Take a 10-minute shower, no problem. Water our expanses of grass, and the lawn is green. In comparison, water in our western states is a precious resource that is managed and even hoarded.
Do you know…
  • the amount of water leaked from U.S. homes is near one trillion gallons per year. And that 10 percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water per day.
  • one person who leaves the water running while brushing their teeth once a day uses 2.68 gallons of water.
  • taking your car to the car wash is a water-saving idea. You could use up to 110 gallons of water washing your own car if you spend 10 minutes rinsing it at home. The automated car wash can do the job with 19-45 gallons of water. Another advantage–car washes must collect water and remove oil, grit, sediments and soap before sending the water to a municipal wastewater plant.
  • Hundreds of gallons of water are wasted hosing off driveways. Use a broom and you’re also reducing water pollution. Water sprayed on a driveway combines with oil and antifreeze, then seeps into the water table.
  • many people in our world exist on three gallons or less of water per day. That’s one toilet flush here.
As you ready your home for sale, keep these issues in mind. Check all the water-related systems, install low flow devices, replace rubber gaskets, inspect pipe connections and read your water bill. If it changes drastically from month-to-month, you’ve got a water leak somewhere. Your buyer will want to see your utility bills so it’s best to address the situation beforehand.
By switching over to greener water practices, you’ll not only help save our generous water table, but you may find a little more green in your wallet come sale time.