1970s Trivia Answers

1970s Trivia Answers History 1. Richard M. Nixon 2. Apollo 13, 1970 3. Three Mile Island Sports 1. Mark Spitz 2. Richard Petty 3. Nadia Comaneci, 1976 Pop Culture 1. Atari 2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull 3. Disco 4. School House Rock ...

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1970s Trivia History


1970s Trivia History • Which president resigned in 1974 over the Watergate scandal? • During which Apollo spaceflight did an oxygen tank explode, putting the crew in severe danger even though they managed to survive? • Which Pennsylvania nuclear generating plant suffered a partial meltdown in 1979? Sports 1. Which Olympic athlete set a record in 1972 by winning seven gold [...] ...

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Should You Take Daily Aspirin?

Health & Medicine for Senior Citizens Should You Take Daily Aspirin? Simple Test May Provide Scientific Answer Study shows test may help doctors better determine who will and will not benefit from use of aspirin therapy to prevent heart disease. May 10, 2014 – For years seniors, and even some younger adults, have wrestled with the question of [...] ...

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