Halloween Trivia Quiz

Halloween Trivia Quiz How much do you really know about the scariest day of the year? Test your knowledge here, if you can handle it. 1. What does the Old English word “hallow” mean? A. Sin B. Saint C. Spirit D. Spook 2. How large was the biggest pumpkin ever grown? A. 895 lbs. B. 1,004 lbs. C. 1,140 lbs. D. 1,192 lbs. [...] ...

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The Importance of a Personal Support Network

The American Red Cross recommends that senior citizens create a personal support network made up of several individuals who will check in on you in an emergency, to ensure your wellness and to give assistance if needed. This network can consist of friends, roommates, family members, relatives, personal attendants, co-workers and neighbors. Ideally, a minimum [...] ...

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The St. Louis Cardinals Quiz ANSWERS

The St. Louis Cardinals Quiz ANSWERS 1. How many World Series Championships have the Cardinals earned? 11 2. They are second to which team, for most World Series Championship wins? New York Yankees 3. What team was bested by the Cardinals, in the 2011 World Series? Texas Rangers 4. Under what name was the [...] ...

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